Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coast still clear...

Well this is kind of a relief. for the first time in the last few months, or... last month... i guess. Has it really only been one month?

Still, this is the first time since i've seen him that i've been able to have some peace and think about things clearly. I've taken the time and gone through most of the blogs on here trying to get some kind of bearing.
Regardless of your thoughts on it, it's a real load off my mind to hear what Ray has to say about revenants. Things seem a lot more manageable without super-powered proxies running around. Still super-powers or not i have no interest in meeting up with Mr. Smelly-Operater-Hoody again.

What does worry me about what he has to say is how much slender-fuck can mess with someone's head. especially to the extent of altering Ray's memory to where he has memories of all those years under slendy that never even happened.  It makes me think about my stint in jail.
Speaking of Ray my heart goes out to him on the situation with Ava

Well i've spent enough time yesterday reading up on "Current Events" and getting supplies together in case i need to get going again. I think today i'll spend sleeping and maybe reading or playing guitar. Hell, maybe i'll even dust off my old PS2...

Poprocks and Coke,

explains all that time 
again and again 
on repeat 
like a broken record
watching me bleed
in that bloody cell
my insides
garbage bags
watching... smiling


)---7---7----7--------   (X) 8



repeat after me [)(] I can't find E(X) harmony A8 Splintered and broken D7 5 empty and hollow (x) i'm not worth saving (x) even if you follow me home(X) (8)

                                                                                                     (x)       (X)       (8)       
                                                                                                      (x)       // (x)   (4)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

He's gone

*does little happy dance*

I woke up this morning, a triumph in and of itself, looked outside to check if he was there and he's wasn't.  I looked out through all the other windows in the house and he wasn't there either. I was even dumb enough to go outside and check all the way around the building.

I am Slender free today.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hey there. I'll try and type this out while i can.
I made it back to the Philly area, I'm not quite sure how, I really can't remember any of it. But i'm here in my comfortable bed with my comfortable covers pulled over my head, typing away on my laptop while a fucking piece of crap fucktard with NO FACE AND MOTHER FUCKING BUSINESS SUIT, stands outside my window. 

My families gone. I don't know where. They aren't here though,  all the cars are in the driveway. No notes. It's been Days? Weeks? I don't even know when I got here.

I brought everything i need up to my room, food, drinks, caffeine, more pills than you can shake a stick at.  Only reason i'm lucid right now is cause I shoveled who knows how many pills down my gullet.
I wish i could say i did it on purpose and was thinking clearly but my thought process was probably less "I think this'll sober me up" and more "ooh!-I-have-no-clue-what they-are-but-they're-so-shiny-so-'nom'".
Retarded me is retarded.

To be honest though, i have enough meds, alchohol, and caffeine gathered up here i'm tempted to just down it all and let the coroner sort it all out. Maybe if it wouldn't make slenderfuck outside so damn pleased.
Fuck it.
Here's to hoping for some sleep.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh, Diana!

Artemis, hear my plea,  
you are stealing all my dreams. 
I just want to go to sleep,  
but i'm a record on repeat.  

I don't need you  
i'll concede to you. 
but, oh Callisto, 
how i want to...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i think i've hit the bend...

I need someplace to go
I have my bag, I lost most of my stuff though I have my laptop, and I'm leeching internet off some non-security minded suburbanite.  I DON'T FUCKING KNOW WHERE I AM!!!

I'm gonna try and cross-reference some intersection names in google maps, Is this still PA?
Things haven't exactly been going my way. Lost time's a bitch. only reason I know when it is, is cause of the clock on my computer. My pocket watch is dead. blown open like there was a little firecracker inside it. I have all the pieces of it still, I think. I hope I can fix it. I love that thing. Someone important gave it to me. Important.

I haven't seen Him since I woke up this last time. I don't have any more money. I can't remember anything since I posted last, and  I DON'T want to get into what happened before-hand. I mean, I at least have some recall of it. I don't know how i got of prison though. it's just....it's good to be out of there.

He's watching.


I can't be alone anymore. Echo or Stormy or somebody, I can't stay out here wherever it is. Something's Broken. Disjointed. I don't know.

Just come quick

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm out...

... That's all you need to know

A broken record, Broken more with each
repeat. Broken thing standing on her own
two feet. Begging release by painless sleep.
Till he offers, opens his coffers, home

in exchange for hearth’s newest, bright,  purist
flame.  “Tiny spark” He sings out, coos softly.
“Which path is fairest, Though mine be furthest
When respite means only not dying slowly”

And repeat and repeat. Vinegar turns
sickly sweet. Traps flies and martyrs alike
with a breath of relief as they both burn
and repeat and repeat. Losing their sight,

while the rending flesh she can’t help but hear.
Bargains and backdoors close shop out of fear.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Heading out... again

Ok so , long story short, i'm heading to New York to try and help Echo care for Stormy.

I got to Pittsburgh ok, and stayed with my friend Mandarin. She's a real peach, let me spend the last couple days in her dorm room while she had classes. I slept. It was glorious. Haven't seen Slendy the whole time on account of me spending the entire visit asleep or indoors, though from things Manda has said about noises i'm pretty sure he's been around.

Luckily, for me at least,her roommate's home for a funeral or something. Before you call me tactless, while i respect her loss,  i'm simply really happy that i could use her bed for the last few days and not have to deal with the awkward questions.

Manda knows i'm in some kind of trouble (probably thinks i was kicked out again) and has been pushing at it herself. I told her i'd tell her what was going on and where i was headed tomorrow, but i'm leaving tonight. It's better for her not to know, right?

Didn't even say where i was going, so she can't tell my family where there darling daughter is off to.

Poprocks and coke, guys.
Off to New York I go!