Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Heading out... again

Ok so , long story short, i'm heading to New York to try and help Echo care for Stormy.

I got to Pittsburgh ok, and stayed with my friend Mandarin. She's a real peach, let me spend the last couple days in her dorm room while she had classes. I slept. It was glorious. Haven't seen Slendy the whole time on account of me spending the entire visit asleep or indoors, though from things Manda has said about noises i'm pretty sure he's been around.

Luckily, for me at least,her roommate's home for a funeral or something. Before you call me tactless, while i respect her loss,  i'm simply really happy that i could use her bed for the last few days and not have to deal with the awkward questions.

Manda knows i'm in some kind of trouble (probably thinks i was kicked out again) and has been pushing at it herself. I told her i'd tell her what was going on and where i was headed tomorrow, but i'm leaving tonight. It's better for her not to know, right?

Didn't even say where i was going, so she can't tell my family where there darling daughter is off to.

Poprocks and coke, guys.
Off to New York I go!

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  1. No. He's here. Stay where you are. I'm sorry, but you can't come near us for the time being.

    Oh, please don't let this be too late.