Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coast still clear...

Well this is kind of a relief. for the first time in the last few months, or... last month... i guess. Has it really only been one month?

Still, this is the first time since i've seen him that i've been able to have some peace and think about things clearly. I've taken the time and gone through most of the blogs on here trying to get some kind of bearing.
Regardless of your thoughts on it, it's a real load off my mind to hear what Ray has to say about revenants. Things seem a lot more manageable without super-powered proxies running around. Still super-powers or not i have no interest in meeting up with Mr. Smelly-Operater-Hoody again.

What does worry me about what he has to say is how much slender-fuck can mess with someone's head. especially to the extent of altering Ray's memory to where he has memories of all those years under slendy that never even happened.  It makes me think about my stint in jail.
Speaking of Ray my heart goes out to him on the situation with Ava

Well i've spent enough time yesterday reading up on "Current Events" and getting supplies together in case i need to get going again. I think today i'll spend sleeping and maybe reading or playing guitar. Hell, maybe i'll even dust off my old PS2...

Poprocks and Coke,

explains all that time 
again and again 
on repeat 
like a broken record
watching me bleed
in that bloody cell
my insides
garbage bags
watching... smiling

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  1. Jail? That you think it was faked, or...?

    Interesting blacked out text. Um.

    Are you alright? Hiding stuff and being cryptic... doesn't help. It only makes things worse. Believe me.