Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i think i've hit the bend...

I need someplace to go
I have my bag, I lost most of my stuff though I have my laptop, and I'm leeching internet off some non-security minded suburbanite.  I DON'T FUCKING KNOW WHERE I AM!!!

I'm gonna try and cross-reference some intersection names in google maps, Is this still PA?
Things haven't exactly been going my way. Lost time's a bitch. only reason I know when it is, is cause of the clock on my computer. My pocket watch is dead. blown open like there was a little firecracker inside it. I have all the pieces of it still, I think. I hope I can fix it. I love that thing. Someone important gave it to me. Important.

I haven't seen Him since I woke up this last time. I don't have any more money. I can't remember anything since I posted last, and  I DON'T want to get into what happened before-hand. I mean, I at least have some recall of it. I don't know how i got of prison though. it's's good to be out of there.

He's watching.


I can't be alone anymore. Echo or Stormy or somebody, I can't stay out here wherever it is. Something's Broken. Disjointed. I don't know.

Just come quick

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