Friday, March 18, 2011

Hey there. I'll try and type this out while i can.
I made it back to the Philly area, I'm not quite sure how, I really can't remember any of it. But i'm here in my comfortable bed with my comfortable covers pulled over my head, typing away on my laptop while a fucking piece of crap fucktard with NO FACE AND MOTHER FUCKING BUSINESS SUIT, stands outside my window. 

My families gone. I don't know where. They aren't here though,  all the cars are in the driveway. No notes. It's been Days? Weeks? I don't even know when I got here.

I brought everything i need up to my room, food, drinks, caffeine, more pills than you can shake a stick at.  Only reason i'm lucid right now is cause I shoveled who knows how many pills down my gullet.
I wish i could say i did it on purpose and was thinking clearly but my thought process was probably less "I think this'll sober me up" and more "ooh!-I-have-no-clue-what they-are-but-they're-so-shiny-so-'nom'".
Retarded me is retarded.

To be honest though, i have enough meds, alchohol, and caffeine gathered up here i'm tempted to just down it all and let the coroner sort it all out. Maybe if it wouldn't make slenderfuck outside so damn pleased.
Fuck it.
Here's to hoping for some sleep.

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  1. Try not to die Riv. Or get arrested.

    Or I'll be forced to mock you.